Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Needle Felted Troll/ Hobbit Figure (Froud Inspired) Fantasy Art Sculpture.

As you may be able to tell by the title of this post, I'm still not entirely sure just exactly what this new piece is, exactly.
When I started making him, he was going to be a Troll, but now that he's finished, hmmmm not so much a Troll as maybe some sort of Earthy Spirit Being Thingy-Majiggy.

His name, or species however is absolutely irrelevant to how in love with him I am!

He is the by far the biggest sculpture that I have ever created, and stands a whopping 55cm Tall (1.8 feet)and I found that working to this scale is so much more 'flexible' than when I've created much smaller figures. It's easier to get the needle into all those nooks and crannies & also easier to make him free standing, due to the extra weight of all that wool.

He is needle felted over a wire armature, with a removable wet felted waistcoat. I have needle felted some toadstools onto the back of his waistcoat and used twine to blanket stitch around the edges. For his beard and hair I've used Alpaca fur. His staff is a quirky stick that I found which has a fabulous Lichen attached to it.

I just can't put into words how happy I am with this piece. He is everything I've ever wanted to create, and he is inspiring me to create many more pieces to this scale. I feel that I want to phase out the smaller items that I've been making to spend more time focusing on characters such as this, because he was such a JOY to create.

I still haven't named him, but I shall update you when I do. Watch this space......

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Needle Felted Count Dracula Art Doll. Halloween Decoration.

Hi Everyone!
I've been busy making some large figures recently, and my needle felted Count Dracula figure here is the first one I want to show you.

He is needle felted over a handmade wire armature & stands 14 Inches/36 cm tall. His face took a really long time to sculpt & his vampire teeth were a bit of a nightmare to do. I must have ripped them off and started again at least 5 times.

He has individually wrapped fingers with black tipped nails, and is finished off perfectly with a pewter vampire bat lapel pin that I bought specially.

He is a completely unique, OOAK creation & will be available in my Etsy shop.

If you are looking for a specific, custom made creation please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Wool Dreadlocks. Just for fun!

Hey there!
Just a quickie for your today.
I was going to make some funky hair wraps to brighten up my hair for the summer (now my hair is super long!) and I thought about wet felting some roving that I've had lying around for ages. I consulted the oracle that is Google whist looking for the best way to attach them into my hair and discovered that Wool Dreadlocks are actually a thing!

How I have gone through life not knowing this, I'll never know!

Anywhoo, what started out as a few funky wool extensions......

has turned into a new fangled obsession with wool dreadlocks!
And so I just had to make a full set to try out in my own hair.
I LOVE them!!!!
Sorry some of the pics are a bit dark, they were taken last night once I'd finished installing them.

I ordered some burgundy roving to match my hair colour, as I wanted them to 'blend' in (ish)and I used a few of the coloured ones I made previously to add a splash of brightness. I wet felted them using a bamboo mat to roll them as tightly as I could, then once they were dry, I braided them into my hair.

There are a bazillion tutorials on Youtube for how to make wool dreads, but if you have any questions about my technique or anything else, please ask!
Have a great day! I know I will..........*checking mirror at every opportunity & shaking my hair*
Lisa x

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Needle Felted Rumplestiltskin

I'm not going to lie to you......I absolutely LOVED making Rumplestiltskin!!!
There was no happy accident with this project, he turned out exactly as I had pictured in my head. Usually I will start off with a general idea of what I want to create and then allow the wool to become what it wants to be (not always what I originally set out to create!) However, this fella just became exactly what I intended. I love him!

I showed some photos of him to a friend of a friend, who is a really talented crafty type of guy....and he handmade the wooden stool in the pic for him to sit on!

I'm sooo ridiculously happy with this piece. I have listed him in my Etsy shop for the time being, but I'm feeling like I could change my mind and keep him all for myself (I ended up de-listing my nativity set as I couldn't bear to part with it!)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My first Craft Fair!

At the end of May, I attended my first ever craft fair at Kelbrook Arts Market. I was surprised to receive an inquiry via my Etsy shop asking if I would like to have a stall at the Arts market, being held in a small village just down the road from where I live. I was excited and absolutely terrified as I had never done anything like this before.
I wanted my stall to stand out, and so I ordered some artificial grass from Ebay, and I managed to grab an old wooden crate and some old shelving units from a local second hand dealer (right at the last minute I might add!).
Anyway, once I was there, the nerves settled down and I really, really enjoyed it. I met some wonderful people and struck up new friendships with some of the other artists who were there, and to top it all off; I sold some of my work! Two of my big pieces and a few smaller ones, which was just the cherry on the top of an already wonderful weekend.

Here are a few pictures of my stall.

Needle Felted 'Trick or Treat' Halloween Figures.

Here's a cute little bunch of 'Trick or Treat' Halloween figures that I finished recently.
I don't often make small figurines but I couldn't resist making this little bunch. I actually find it more difficult to make small 'simple' characters nowadays than I do to make the larger more detailed ones.

Trick or Treat miniature set includes, Witch, Zombie, Ghost, Vampire and Frankenstein. Perfect Halloween d├ęcor that can be displayed year after year!
This set is a one off and will be available shortly in my Etsy Shop

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Needle Felted Elf Sitting on a Toadstool

This is by far one of my favourite creations, ever!

I just love everything about him. He's a large (ish) figure at approximately 12 inches. 
Needle felted over a handmade wire armature, his hat and his boots are wet felted & I added some shoe laces using embroidery thread.

His napsack is needle felted and I've used a little wooden stick for him to hold it with.

I am really proud of this piece, and was absolutely elated that he sold last week at my first ever craft fair!